We are very grateful to all our hosts, partners and funders for making the Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab happen, despite the very challenging conditions to social processes that Covid has created. The agenda and intentions of each partner intersect with one or more central intentions and values in the Social Sculpture Lab. The DOCUMENTA ARCHIVE is interested in living archives where things from the past speak are contextualised in the stream of their evolution and enlivened to enable new forms of access. Since Beuys plays such a central role in the history of the documentas, they are interested in how Beuys' work inspires forms and thinking in the present, and following us as we explore its 'effectiveness' into the future. The NEUE GALERIE is excited about enabling contemporary work that illuminates other works in its collection. Beuys 'The Pack' and several other significant source works can now through the Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab speak to a present generation who had no direct experience of Beuys, or the Free international University, through forms of participation and exchange in the Neue Galerie as well as beyond its walls. The CITY OF KASSEL has developed a new 'cultural concept' in dialogue with citizens of Kassel that has a central focus on social sculpture. It is a pleasure to have a Cultural Office led by a person and with a team committed to public pedagogies, creative forms of engagement in the public sphere, and to seeing 'sustainability' as a cultural question. The HESSISCHE KULTURSTIFTUNG, a key sponsor for the whole project, including publications, is committed to extending the field of cultural exploration to new generations, with a genuine interest in Beuys' social sculpture ideas and proposals. The BUNDESZENTRALE FÜR POLITISCHE BILDUNG who have supported Earth Forum and Frametalks, was especially interested in those aspects of our work that explore the relationship between aesthetic and political education. All are interested in the role of imagination in transformation! And we especially grateful that they see the longer term potential in the Connective Practice strategies and ways of engaging actively with Beuys' insights. This means that true to our proposals -the Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab is a time - in celebration of Beuys' ideas and proposals - to set things motion, open dialogues and follow questions.


Documenta Archiv, Kassel

The documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH is a non-​profit organization financed by the City of Kassel and the State of Hessen with the support of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

It consists of four institutions: the current documenta exhibition, the Museum Fridericianum, the documenta exhibition hall and since January, 1st 2016 also the documenta archiv

Museums-Hessen-Kassel / Neue Galerie

The Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK) is an institution of the State of Hessen. It manages art and cultural historical properties and collections of the state in and around Kassel including 12 collections, 4 castles, 3 parks, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The centrepiece of the Neue Galerie is the room on the ground floor, which was personally installed by Joseph Beuys when the building was opened in 1976.

City of Kassel / Cultural Department

The City of Kassel  -the ‘documenta city’ is fostering a participatory approach to dialogue and exchange about the relationship between culture, sustainability and the daily lives of people in the city through their new Kulturkonzept.

Hessische Kulturstiftung

The Cultural Foundation of Hessen (Hessische Kulturstiftung) is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of arts and culture in Hessen. Its main task is to support museums and public art collections, libraries and archives through the acquisition and the conservation of distinguished works of art, selected objects and entire art collections. It has a special focus on the work of Joseph Beuys in Hessen.

Bundeszentral für politische Bildung

The Federal Agency for Civic Education supports all interested citizens in becoming involved in politics. Its task is to promote understanding of political facts, to consolidate democratic awareness and to strengthen the willingness to participate in politics.

The Frametalks-Fluxus+ element of the global Social Sculpture lab is sponsored by: