‘Responsible Participant’ training

Training to become an Earth Forum ‘Responsible Participant’ will take place in late autumn 2021 or early 2022.

The 4-day, intensive, face-to-face training enables you to start offering the Earth Forum process, with support from another Earth Forum practitioner, live and/or for online supervisions.

A detailed Handbook is available for those who do the training.

The Earth Forum training also offers insights into the social sculpture –connective practice root methods and creative strategies that are central to the Earth Forum and other ‘connective practice’ processes.

A process for thinking together and ‘making social honey’

This training has been run in South Africa, China, India, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Holland and Germany since 2010.

As the Earth Forum process has been developed and refined year on year, so has the training.

In the Kassel-21 Lab
Earth Forum processes are are being offered during the Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab, for both people living in Kassel and visitors to Kassel.  Participants in these processes, will all be eligible to participate in an Earth Forum training.

The new global Social Sculpture Lab will continue to offer Earth Forum training and follow up supervision beyond the Kassel-21 lab.

Cost of training 
In Europe, participants pay for the training on a sliding scale from €50 to €500 euros. And pay the cost price for the Earth Forum cloth and manual [around €50]. The cost differs from country to country, according to average wages as well as to participant group. No-one is ever turned away from Earth Forum training due to the cost. We ask you to try and find sponsorship, or we help with this where possible.