FRAMETALKS Multipliers training

The FRAMETALKS Multipliers training begins with your own explorations of the 5 Realities using the FRAMETALKS connective practices for “seeing what you see and think”.  The 5 Realities are Nature, Human Being, love, Freedom and Future.

There are three different levels of the FRAMETALKS multiplier training.

  1. A very short introductory process, usually a half –day, to share info about the process
  2. Two half-day processes, to learn how to use the workbook with a group
  3. A longer, more intensive process, which enables one to be a FRAMETALKS Team member and initiate the FRAMETALKS process in different contexts.  This follows the one or two session training workshops.

Once you’ve done the FRAMETALKS workshop [1 or 2], you can introduce the FRAMETALKS process of imaginal thought-work to people you know and work with.

These people might be school pupils or university students, decision-makers, staff in an enterprise, members of a youth group, an organizational team, a group of family members and individual friends.

Multipliers work in two different ways.

If you have done one half-day ‘training’ workshop – you can work with the FRAMETALKS team to introduce the process to your pupils, students, families, friends, colleagues and networks.

Other multipliers, who have done two half-day training workshops, or the accredited teacher development, can, if confident, share and facilitate the FRAMETALKS ‘imaginal thought-work’ exploration of the 5 Realities, with others, themselves.

INSTRUMENTS TO FACILITATE the imaginal thought-work process

The ‘instruments’ used in Phase 1 are a small ‘5 Realities Workbook’, a cardboard frame and a specially designed connective practice process.

Participants use these ‘instruments’ to gather images, experiences and ideas about the 5 Realities that they discover in themselves and in the world.  These discoveries are shared [online or live] with other individuals or groups.

As a FRAMETALKS Multiplier you will receive these instruments free from the Kassel21 Social Sculpture Lab, to use with the people you are working with.

[Images of workbooks and frames being delivered to teachers]


If you are interested in finding out more about FRAMETALKS, join one the Introductory Sessions [online] between February and August 2021.

Read more about FRAMETALKS in Connective Practices/Frametalks and join one of the 1-hour introductory sessions in between May and August. See Program.

This connective practice has been developed by Shelley Sacks to enable people to work with what Joseph Beuys called social sculpture’s invisible materials.



 There are three versions of the FRAMETALKS multiplier training

  1. An accredited staff development series of workshops for school teachers in Kassel [Dates to be finalised]
  2. Training for teachers, social workers, youth workers and other who work with groups [In the week beginning 7 June]
  3. Training for individuals who want to create FRAMETALKS working groups in their communities, organisations and with family and friends [To be finalized]We look forward to seeing you in the introductory sessions and/or the multiplier training!

The Training Sessions will take place in May and June in Kassel, live if possible.

Dates to be announced.

For more info and to book a place:

Contact Anna Backmund

This FRAMETALKS element of the Kassel21-Social Sculpture Lab is supported by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.