Connective Practice and Facilitator Training

A simple connective practice for lovers of the world, interested in what ‘survival’ might mean [and who cannot participate in Kassel]

The eye of a Birch tree in a parking lot, looking at how humans are behaving on earth, initiated this process with its ‘call’. Piloted online for 6 months in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid time, New Eyes for the World is a simple but profound process for seeing how we live in the world, and for developing insights about life-enhancing ways of living together on the planet.

Learn and share a ‘New Eyes’ Practice
This is an invitation to people across the world – to learn about and participate in a grounding and inspiring connective practice and training that helps one look at the world with ‘new eyes’, and to extend these ‘new eyes’ by sharing the practice with people in your locality and network.

New Eyes for the World is a connective practice that enables us to look intensely and imaginatively through the portals that have been opened wide by the interruptions to global capitalism, by the spotlight the virus has thrown on preexisting inequalities, and by the way that the Climate Crisis, the crisis of discrimination and the Covid crisis intersect.

What does it mean to participate in the ‘New Eyes for the World’ multipliers training?
New Eyes for the World ‘training’ begins with a half day introduction to the ‘New Eyes’ connective practice which is also the beginning of the multipliers training process, at the same time. 

People who participate in this connective practice that is simultaneously also a training, are asked to make a commitment to sharing it with others as part of the work of the Social Sculpture Lab.

Although you will deepen your understanding as you practice, there will also be one or more opportunities for group reflections and ‘supervisions’ with the Kassel-21 – Social Sculpture team.

Date:  Thursday 12 August, 2021 13.00 – 16.00 CET [Fully booked]

Language: English.


If you would like to participate in this first New Eyes for the World intro and training event in one, send an email to with a short statement about what interests you in participating [not more than 200 words].

Participation in the training during the Kassel-21 Lab is free, although contributions will be gladly received. If you earn money from the process at a later stage, you will be asked to contribute a percentage of this to the global Social Sculpture Lab e.V.