Field of Commitment is one the connective practices being offered in the Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab.

In Kassel, Field of Commitment includes a ‘Call’ for the first 100+ people to create a ‘Place of Commitment’. A ‘Field of Commitment’ facilitator will help you create this place.  [Read more about the Call]

These individual ‘Places of Commitment’ can be in your own garden, your street, a park, a public place or your school, if you are a teacher.

Each place of Commitment needs to be linked to at least one person who visits the place and holds the commitment that was taken there.



1.Training to enable a person to create a Place of Commitment
This training is for people in Kassel who want to join the Field of Commitment team that helps others create their own ‘Place of Commitment’. This training will take place from June 2021 onwards. Dates to be announced. Or by arrangement with Martina Schäfer.
This training is free.

2.Training and support for teachers or school ‘social workers’, who want to create a ‘Place of Commitment’ in or near their School, that can they and other staff can use with groups of pupils to reflect on tree planting, climate issues and human – tree – future relationships.
This training will take place from Autumn 2021 onwards. Dates to be announced. Or by arrangement with Martina Schäfer. This training is free.

FOR PEOPLE IN AND BEYOND KASSEL [Training in Kassel, in German]

3.‘Keeper of the Field’ & Coordinator Training for people outside of Kassel
This training is offered to people from outside Kassel who want to create a Field of Commitment in their own village, town or city, and who cannot create local ‘Places of Commitment’ in Kassel, because they do not live in Kassel.
Duration: This training extends over two days, and will be followed up by online exchange and ‘supervision’.
Training dates: Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 September. 10.00 to 18.00 each day. Outdoors, weather permitting.
Where: In and around the Kassel ‘Field of Commitment’.
Cost: Sliding scale, depending on circumstances. From €50 to €350 for the 3.5 day training.

Participants will also need to purchase or get sponsorship for the first 5 – 10 tree-bands, to be able to develop the Field of Commitment in their own area.


4.‘Keeper of the Field’ & Facilitator Training for people in other parts of the world, who can’t get to Kassel [online training]

This is similar to the training referred to in No. 3, but it will take place online.
We will develop this option toward the end of 2021 /early 2022. Please check this space.

There will be a cost for this training, related to country and to personal circumstances. There are currently requests from UK, Brazil and Australia.

Participants will also need to purchase or get sponsorship for the first 5 – 10 tree-bands, to be able to develop the Field of Commitment in their own area.


Contact Martina Schäfer for information and to book a place.


From Saturday 4 September @ 15.00 to Tuesday 7 September 15.00


WHAT   The Field of Commitment makes visible the existing willingness in a place to commit to an ecosocial present and future and strengthens this “field of will”.  In partnership with a tree, people create a local “anchor place” in the world in order to strengthen their own commitment and to become more effective in solidaity with others.

The Field of Commitment has begun in the city of Kassel, with a call for the first 100 people.  The first +10 anchor places that already exist are just the beginning….

There are already requests from other cities and countries to enable people to create a Field of Commitment there… which is in keeping with the “bigger picture”. In fact, the Field of Commitment is not limited: trees do not know urban or national boundaries…  they are all part of the field of this planet Earth.

During the training we will introduce and practice the concrete steps and phases for establishing a Field of Commitment in your area. In doing so, we will experience and reflect on the different ‘tasks’ required of companions and guardians of the field.

The aim of the training is for the participants to
a.) understand and experience the Field of Commitment
b.) be able to facilitate others to creating a specific anchor place and
c.) initiate the Field of Commitment in their own city (or village / country / community).

This training will also enable participants to get to know the field of Social Sculpture – Connecting Practice a little better.

The training is right for you if you are interested in creating places of encounter. Place for encounter with yourself, the world and with others.  Such encountering is an aid to awareness, clear thinking and reflection on how we can individually and collectively contribute towards the shaping of a human and ecological future.

Will has to do with the kind of “inner mobilization” that Beuys emphasized, which is also closely linked to a new kind of connective and imaginal thinking: “It all depends on the warmth character of thinking. That is the new quality of the will.” (Joseph Beuys)

The Field of Commitment enables us not only to care for trees, but to engage in seeking new connective ways of living together on this planet without causing unnecessary suffering.

The training will begin on Saturday 4 September with a bike ride/walk to the trees in the Kassel Field of Commitment. We will inform you where to meet nearer the time and after you have registered.

COST    Participation fee: 120-300 € depending on your self-assessment.
For thise with minimal financial means, it is possible to request a scholarship or reduction.
You can also fund a scholarship by contributing more than €300.

FACILITATION    Shelley Sacks & Martina Schäfer

WHERE    Kassel (exact address will be communicated after registration)


LANGUAGE   This training is in German only.
We will offer a Field of Commitment training in English at a later date, which will be published on this website.

CONTACT   Martina Schäfer to find out more and book a place.