Joseph Beuys: Death Day and Re-Birth-Day

A short video ‘Landing Strip for Souls’ was made to share with a global online audience on Joseph Beuys’ death day, 23 January. It was later shared again on his 100 birthday anniversary, 12 May, 2021.

Many of the participants did not want the recording with their participation shared. The video is shared here without the zoom recordings of the two processes that went with it.

Here’s the link to the video

The focus of the first 23 Jan meeting – which included the short video, and was repeated twice with 50 people enrolled in each session – had 5 main purposes:

  1. To invite Beuys to accompany us in this 100th year since his birth
  2. To welcome other cooperators and ancestors that we each value and carry with us
  3. To gather worldviews these ancestors represent and to ask the question: how do we live together and care properly for the planet with so many different ‘ancestors’ and worldviews?
  4. To set a process in motion – to inaugurate the Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab, which relates to the 5th purpose
  5. Of LISTENING TO THE FUTURE… and asking the question:  what is required of me, of us as human beings… to do before we leave this planet? 

The focus of the 12 May 2021 meeting: After watching the short ‘Landing Strip for Souls’ film –  participants were invited to consider what they find so valuable in what Beuys has left us, for the future. It was described as a ‘re-birth-day’ because instead of simply acknowledging and honoring what Beuys said, only through people making sense of his ideas and proposals in the present, can he really come to life in the present for the future.




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