FRAMETALKS – Fluxus [Potsdam]

FRAMETALKS-FLUXUS in Potsdam in a Connective Practice by Shelley Sacks, co-curated by Philipp John and Anna Backmund.

It works in very similar ways to FRAMETALKS in Kassel, exploring the 5 Realities of NATUR, HUMAN BEING, LOVE, FREEDOM, FUTURE – in ourselves and in the world, and then back to each other again to share what we have discovered. We describe this final process of sharing at the end of each day, and then about all 5 Realities at the end of the week, as ‘making social honey’.

FRAMETALKS has a workbook, an explanation booklet, a cardboard frame and a ‘score’. The ‘score’ like a musical score or script is a defined process for flexible use if different circumstances.

It is possible to learn the FRAMETALKS process and become a MULTIPLIER of the imaginal thought work process for a group you work with. For schools, teams, community groups, and organisations.


FRAMETALKS begins in the Museum-Fluxus+ on 8 October 2021 with a small participatory action and ends Sunday 24 October 2021 with a collective process for ‘making social honey’ and beginning to draft a Humanifesto for the Future.

THE DAILY PROCESS  11.00 – 18.00
We will explore one of the 5 Realities each day in Week 1 [Monday 11 – Friday 15 October] and in Week 2 [Monday 18 – Friday 22 October] with a particular group of people who have signed up for the process.

Phase 1   11.00 -13.00 
The process begins in the Fluxus space from 11.00 -13.00 where we work individually to gather our existing perceptions, views and ideas about each reality and share something of these discoveries through the deerskin frame.

Phase 2   13.30 – 15.30
We go outdoors with the deerskin frame and look together at the reality of the day in the world.

Phase 3  16.00 – 18.00
We return to the museum to share experiences and insights and begin the slow process of ‘making social honey’ from what we have gathered and shared.

The 3 weekends  [9-10 Oct, 16-17 Oct, and 23-24 Oct] are open to the public. On each day of the weekends we will work with one of the 5 Realities.

TOWARDS A ‘Humanifesto for the Future’

On the last day, Sunday 24 October, everyone who has participated will be invited to return and re-enter the insights and perceptions gathered in all the previous days.

And we will once again ask the question that we will ask at the end of each day before this:

What views, attitudes, ways of thinking do we need to change -and in what way – if we really want to shape a different kind of future?

Beuys said: “Instead of asking ‘how shall I act?’, we must ask ‘how shall I think?’ ”

Frau Dr. Prof. Liedtke, President of the Brandenburg Parliament, is championing the project.

You can download an invitation to the opening here.



During October when FRAMETALKS in based in Museum Fluxus+

… you can participate for one or more days in Week 1 or Week 2.   
This means joining the morning session in the space which creates an inspiring basis for the rest of the day. You can continue with the process building on the streets of Potsdam with the deerskin frame and explore how each of the 5 Realities reveal themselves in the world. And then we return together to the museum, to share what we have experienced and gathered.

… you can join us on a weekend, to explore one or more of the 5 Realities


FIND OUT MORE about FRAMETALKS through introductory sessions with Dr. Philipp John
and decide how you want to participate…

All forms of participation are free.

Because of space limitations you need to register yourself and your group.
This needs to be discussed beforehand with Philipp John at the Museum Fluxus+


If you are a teacher, social worker, youth worker or part of a group or organisation, and are interested in becoming a FRAMETALKS multiplier, please contact Philipp John for more information about both the training and the different levels of engagement that are possible.  You might simply want to be able to inform the people you work with about FRAMETALKS. Or you may want to learn to share the process yourself.

After its use in Potsdam, FRAMETALKS will become part of an exchange with Philipp John and others about its relationship to Fluxus, and of Fluxus to the field of social sculpture and contemporary connective practice. 

FRAMETALKS-FLUXUS in Potsdam is generously supported by several sponsors. See list here.