Working with questions and listening to the future


Landing Strip for Souls is an inspiring and enlivening process for uncovering, exploring and working with questions individually and together and for ‘coming to our senses’. It has been used with individuals, groups and organisations to uncover, redefine and shape anew their ‘agendas for transformation’.

It enables one to land with new imaginative perception and power in oneself and with others, in a world of many intersecting challenges.

The capacities of active listening, seeing and hearing that we develop in this connective practice, help us work together to listen to the call of the future in ourselves, in a group and in the world.

Developing Initiatives and Plans in New Ways
Its special processes of active listening and imaginal work enable plans to be developed and initiatives to emerge in an organic, holistic way that are in tune with the context.

We call this creative emergence and unfolding of an initiative or plan, ‘living planning’.

The process is not only useful for reconsidering how we currently see and think, but for developing new ways of perceiving and relating to what the world asks of us, and for thinking-together about our shared future in one locality, on one planet.

One-day ‘workshops’ in August 2021
During the Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab you can participate in this one-day process, for a new ‘landing’ in yourself and current context.  Participating in Landing Strip for Souls  will also give you insight into what this process of working with questions has to do with the field of social sculpture and how it connects inner and outer action.

Participation is free. The Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab is able to offer these practices free, due to funding from several foundations. See Sponsors and Partners.
Contributions from 20€ to 200€ are however gratefully accepted. 



LIVE IN KASSEL  Tuesday 24 August, 2021  10.00 -17.00
Sign up details on Eventbrite to follow. Maximum 10 places.

ONLINE    Wednesday 25 August, 2021   10.00 -17.00
Sign up details on Eventbrite to follow. Maximum 10 places.

If you book a place please remember, although, free, it is a commitment. Unless you cancel soon, it takes the opportunity away for someone else.

TRAINING  to facilitate the Landing Strip for Souls process
Once you have participated in the practice in August 2021, it is possible to do a two-day intensive training and to become a LSFS guide.  Dates to be announced after the practice in August.