This action – A Gift for Joseph Beuys: 3 Pots for the Future – is an invitation to try and say what you think Beuys left us that is so valuable for the future.

Inspired by the 3 pots in Beuys’ “Honey Pump at the Workplace” –that were empty, but full of another kind of substance, the 3 pots in the Neue Galerie are humanity’s archetypal pots. They are ancient, filled with the accumulated achievements and mistakes of human beings. And they are containers for insights for the future.

This is also a gift for Joseph Beuys. This time, instead of just repeating or explaining what he said, we do the work of making sense of his ideas in us. Bringing them to life in us!

If you are one of the many thousands of people around the world who has been inspired by Joseph Beuys ‘social sculpture’ proposals, and see his ideas as a meaningful contribution to helping people shape a viable eco-social and humane future –then you might be interested in this invitation!

You don’t have to be a Beuys expert, but you do need to feel that what Beuys did and has left us, has real value for us today.  This invitation is about YOU trying to say what YOU think Beuys lefts us: what sense do we each make of his radical work and ideas?



Live in Kassel in the Survival Room – for 6 people at one time. Each person who participates is expected to share something – either a spontaneous reflection or to talk us through or read a prepared 500 words text.
Email to sign up for selected date with 3 Pots in the subject line.

In a small online gathering for 6- 8 people. Each person who participates is expected to share something – either a spontaneous reflection or to talk us through, or read a prepared 500 words text.

Submit a 500 word text as a contribution for a digital book. All contributions will be accepted, as long as they make reasonable sense, and are translated into English as well as the language in which they are written. This is so that the digital book has one common language.  Send us your 500 word text to ‘3 POTS TEXT SUBMISSION’
[Deadline for texts 18 September 2021]


The live and online session are up to three hours long, for five people plus myself.  I will be the ‘guide’. Each person can contribute briefly for a couple of minutes, or longer – up to 30 minutes.

You can just speak spontaneously, or share a prepared text.


Live on Kassel
18 July 2021
28 & 29 August
25 & 26 September

10.00 -13.00 and 14.00 and 17.00 CET

27 August 2021

10.00 -12.00   14.00 -16.00 and 19.00 -21.00  [All CET]


SIGN UP  for one of these sessions with Eventbrite
[Search for all sessions: Eventbrite, A Gift for Joseph Beuys]

We will add additional sessions if necessary.

All welcome. The process in museum is free if you are signed up and not visiting the rest of the museum.

If you can join a live process or participate online we would love to see you!

Over 70 people have committed themselves to participating from many parts of the world. Some in zoom sessions, some will send us 500 word texts, and some want to look into the 3 Pots for the Future with others, live in Kassel.


Visitors to the museum, who do not participate
in one of the 3 Pots event in the Survival Room or online, can reflect on what Beuys left us for the future, and share this on a 3 Pots ‘card’ in the Survival Room, prepared for this purpose.

Please leave the card on the shelf – to share with us. We are planning to make a digital book of all the visitors’ and participants’ texts. At the end of the Lab we will be glad to give you the board you wrote on, to keep.