In Addition To Tree Planting, What Needs To Be Done?

This ‘What needs to be done?’ Proposals Week in September 2021 is an opportunity to share plans and ideas for initiatives in the field of social sculpture, connective practice and related transformational thinking and practice, that could benefit from being connected to a wider social sculpture-connective practice community, perhaps even as collaborations in the global Social Sculpture Lab.  [The global Social Sculpture Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future is a Registered Association not for gain]

It has been set up to develop and facilitate work in the field of social sculpture and connective practice beyond the Beuys Centenary. The Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab is one of the global Social Sculpture Lab’s first projects.

The sharing and exchange about ‘Proposals’ will take place over 4 days:


IN KASSEL [in the Survival Room]
Wednesday 22 -Friday 24 September 2021.  Time:  12.00 -17.00 

Email us if you want to participate:

Tuesday 21 September 12.00 -14.30
Register via Eventbrite


Tuesday 21 September 15.00 -17.30.
Register via Eventbrite

Write to:

WHAT KIND OF PROPOSALS?  There are no expectations or requirements about what you have done or the field of work you are coming from. This is not about your CV.

It is about making a space for and uncovering meaningful ‘proposals for the future’, big and small, inspired by the social sculpture ideas, the connective practice approach, and/or other approaches.

It is about projects and pathways concerned with forms of consciousness, cooperation and care that might contribute to shaping an anti-racist, anti-fascist and living future: a future that values the human being and the interconnectedness of all life forms, including our life sustaining planet.

Especially welcome are proposals that address some of the Kassel21 Lab’s key concerns: 
– what ‘survival’ means, on what level, and at what costs to whom?
– the need to become much clearer about the difference between life-forms and algorithmically driven machines
– what our understandings and criteria for effectivenes
– about ways to make decisions in a world of many conflicting and diverse world views.

It would be great if you have visited or participated in one or more of the Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab live or online events prior to the Proposals week.

How to participate in ‘Proposals for the Future’ [live in Kassel]

  1. The first step is to send an email to
  2. Put ‘PROPOSALS – Beyond Kassel-21’ in the subject line.
  3. In the email please include
    a. An outline description of your proposal – not more than 300 words.
    b. Please clarify if you are interested in sharing an existing proposal for a future initiative, and/or exploring possibilities for developing a new proposal with us or others in the field
    c. Tell us if you would like to share the proposal online, or in the Survival Room in Kassel
    d. Where you are in the world, what you are currently doing, and if this proposal is connected to one or more groups, networks or organizations.

    If your proposal is a development of an existing initiative, then it would be helpful if you have already shared this research, project or other initiative in the Projects and Research Week 19 -22 August.

    Please do not include written chapters or images of artwork. This is not an invitation to share chapters and/or images of drawings, sculptures and other examples of traditional art forms.

What will happen to the proposals?

We will get back to you.  All proposals that relate to the field of social sculpture and connective practice, as well as the concerns outlined above, will be accepted, as long as they are clear enough and have been translated into English or German. If there are too many proposals we might need to make a selection for this week in September.

We will not share your proposal with anyone beyond the Kassel-21 / Social Sculpture Lab team, unless you agree to this. The Proposals Forum in September –online, and in the Survival Room in Kassel – is where they’ll be shared and discussed.