The Human Soul Needs Saving [2]

Developing ‘new organs of perception’ to distinguish between humans beings and machines Seminar-Conversation 

What: A one day seminar-conversation with Shelley Sacks and Almuth Strehlow presenting and exploring 7 life processes that might enable an expanded view of the human being, and help us better differentiate between human beings and machines.

Language: German
Our seminar-conversation will be recorded and take place in German. Later we hope to make an edited video version with English subtitles.

Venue: In the Survival Room, Neue Galerie, Kassel.

Date and Time: 11 July 2021   10.30 -13.00; 14.30 – 17.00

All welcome. Free participation.

Booking requirements. Registration recommended. Please contact the Neue Galerie for up-to-date info: +49 (0)561 316 80-400

Almut Strehlow Mother and grandmother, for 44 years I have been dealing with educational issues and trying to understand how culture and nature can resonate in such a way that everyone can find the balance of health, that the human being can become who he or she could become! I am an educator, in agriculture, in art – and for 29 years a lecturer in Waldorf education, an author and a political dissenter. Almuth’s book The Seven Life Processes is in German, English and soon in Chinese. 

Shelley Sacks is a social sculpture practitioner and cultural activist exploring the relationship between freedom, responsibility as an ability-to-respond, and the role of imagination in transformation. Concerns with ‘aesthetic strategies in times of change’ inspired by Beuys’ social sculpture proposals, run through her work in South Africa [1976-1990], in the Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford [1997-2019], and in her own ‘connective practice’ projects in many countries and contexts.