BRING AN OBJECT to explore the question…

You are invited to come on your own, or with friends and family, and to bring an object which raises these questions:

How do I understand ‘Survival’?

What do I/we need to do to survive?

Do I/we really need this to survive -and at what cost? 



If the object in question is too big -like a car or a fridge, then you can ‘bring’ it and contribute it to the exchange, by describing it and maybe drawing it on a piece of paper.

We hope to see you in person in the Survival Room with your object.


Views of Survival: Working with Questions! [Process in Survival Room] takes place on several dates from June to September.  See dates in the PROGRAM for this process.

You can just come spontaneously [at the moment -July 2021]  or phone the Neue Galerie in advance to book a place.

This Survival Room process is free. We look forward to seeing you!

Shelley Sacks, artist-curator of the lab, will guide these Survival Room Exchange processes using elements her ‘connective practice approach’ that go beyond discussion and arguing about viewpoints and positions, and enable people to come to new insights and to work imaginatively with what Beuys called “the invisible materials of speech, discussion and thought”.

In the Survival Room you can also participate in A GIFT FOR JOSEPH BEUYS: 3 Pots for the Future action and find out about all the different aspects of the Kassel-21 Social Sculpture Lab, including FRAMETALKS in the Foyer.

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